The Great New Zealand Digital Switchover
New Zealand’s analogue television signal was finally switched off on 1 December 2013. Since then we've been busy `cleaning up' and `recycling' all the old analogue aerials left from over 54 years of installations...thats a lot of aerials.
Recycling Aerials
At TV Aerial Removals & Recyclers we dispose of your old TV aerials through a network of Scrap Metal Recycling plants. We do not encourage disposing of TV aerials as land-fill via inorganic collections or refuse depots.
Products and Services
TV Aerial Removals & Recyclers specialise in removing and recycling TV aerials. As a fully owned Kiwi business we want to help keep New Zealand `Clean and Green’ and we encourage our clients to remove and recycle their old TV aerial as part of the great NZ Digital Switchover.



On The Road:

Phone or Text David: 021 653 658

In The Office:

Phone the Office: 09 473 4331 or

Phone or Text Carol: 021 653 657

General Enquiries: info@tvaerialrecyclers.co.nz

Quote Enquiries: admin@tvaerialrecyclers.co.nz

Aerial Removal & Recycle Quotation Guide:

Single Storey House: $135.00

Split Storey House: $145.00

Double Storey House: $155.00

For all other Buildings please contact us now for a no-obligation free quote.

NOTE: We also provide a `Pick Up and Recycle' service where aerials have already been removed from roofs - there is a small $25.00 fee to cover travel costs (within 10km of CBD).

Woodburner & Flu Removal & Recycle Quotation Guide:

Single Storey House: $295.00 (allow 4 hours)

Split Storey House: $325.00 (allow 5 hours)

Double Storey House: $395.00 (allow 6 hours)

For all other Buildings please contact us now for a no-obligation free quote.

This work covers labour, recycling fee charges, transportation, removal of Flu from roof, removal of Woodburner from property and replacement of roof tiles (which we match best we can). All other roof types will require a seperate quote.

Did you Know...

• Scrap metal recycling is the oldest form of recycling
• Scrap metal is currently New Zealand’s 17th largest export earner
• New Zealand scrap metal is exported to countries worldwide
• Metals can be recycled almost indefinitely without losing any of their properties
• Recycling scrap metal has many environmental benefits
For more information about Aluminium and Metal Recycling in New Zealand
click here.