The Great New Zealand Digital Switchover
New Zealand’s analogue television signal was finally switched off on 1 December 2013. Since then we've been busy `cleaning up' and `recycling' all the old analogue aerials left from over 54 years of installations...thats a lot of aerials.
Recycling Aerials
At TV Aerial Removals & Recyclers we dispose of your old TV aerials through a network of Scrap Metal Recycling plants. We do not encourage disposing of TV aerials as land-fill via inorganic collections or refuse depots.
Products and Services
TV Aerial Removals & Recyclers specialise in removing and recycling TV aerials. As a fully owned Kiwi business we want to help keep New Zealand `Clean and Green’ and we encourage our clients to remove and recycle their old TV aerial as part of the great NZ Digital Switchover.

e-Waste Collection Services
TV Aerial Removals & Recyclers are proud to be supporting the Government TV TakeBack Program by providing a collection service for the North Shore Region.
The changing face of TV

The falling price of new TVs, international sporting events, and the national switchover to digital transmission are all fuelling a change from older cathode ray tube TV sets to flat screen high definition LCD and plasma TVs. We estimate that around half a million CRT TVs could be retired from use each year. This ‘e-waste’ can be hazardous if not disposed of properly.

You don’t need to buy a new TV to receive a digital signal now that the analogue transmission has been switched off, but it’s important that those who do want to dispose of their old TVs, do so safely. The Government wants to make sure all New Zealanders can access affordable recycling services when they need to dispose of old TVs. To make this happen, the Ministry for the Environment has initiated the TV TakeBack programme.

What is the TV TakeBack Programme?

TV TakeBack is designed to encourage the recycling of televisions and raise investment in New Zealand’s recycling capacity. It is expected that disposal of old unwanted televisions as a result of the `Going Digital Programme' will increase opportunities for recycling so locations are being arranged where people can drop off their TVs at low cost. Those on the North Shore who are unable to get to a drop-off station can call TV Aerial Removals & Recyclers and take full advantage of their collection service.

Remember, you don’t need to buy a new television to make the switch to digital. To find out more about the change to digital signal visit www.goingdigital.co.nz.
If you do need to dispose of an old TV, call us now to find out what your recycling options are

TV Aerial Removals & Recyclers have also partnered with RCN e-Cycle to provide e-Waste collection services throughout Aucklands North Shore. Unfortunately we do not receive any government funding or assistance in providing this collection service so we must charge a nominal fee to cover handling, transportation and e-Waste recycling charges.

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